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pitch deck.

Our goal with ‘Startup Pitch Decks’ is simple: to provide founders with a simple framework and reference guide that can be utilized before kicking off a fundraising process or when you’re in the throes of drafting your pitch deck. We dive into a number of topics including the ideal format, a sample build process, tips and tricks, advice from RRE founders, and even things to avoid. We’ve tried to make the guide as comprehensive as possible but realize it’s impossible to include every piece of advice and address every question. As such, we’d love to hear your questions, suggestions and feedback. Our aim is to evolve ‘Startup Pitch Decks’ with your help and input so it gets more useful over time.

All that said, it’s my pleasure to present Startup Pitch Decks. Hope you find it useful, thought provoking and perhaps even inspiring.

Is a slide deck the same as a pitch deck

Today, we’re going to open-source the pitch deck that led to our $65M round and the $865M valuation for the company.

So many people have helped us either directly or indirectly along our journey that we’d like pay it forward to other startups who aren’t sure how to get started as they go out to raise money for the first time.

When Tim and I first went to go pitch our company to investors in 2009 (right after the recession hit), we hopped on the Caltrain, rode our bikes down Sand Hill Road, and talked to 10 investors who all categorically told us “No.” A few of them even wanted to replace the CEO of our company (we didn’t know who would be CEO yet!). At that time, we hadn’t quite realized we even needed an official pitch deck. And when we did build a deck, we had no idea how to construct one intelligently. We really struggled.

This is not perfect for all companies; you may need something totally different if you’re at a different stage or running a different type of company. We think this is a deck that you can use to answer most questions investors will ask you (in SaaS) and is set up to help you articulate a story to investors that’s compelling. If I had to wager, the thing that is truly most important to investors (who will all tell you it’s “vision” or “team”) is how personally interested they are in your space and idea–after all, they have to think about how they spend their time, too. Even with the best deck, you will still need to be great at selling your idea as to why it’s so exciting and interesting–it just takes practice.

Pitch Deck
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