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Morgan and Morgan

Morgan and Morgan

Morgan and Morgan is a tremendous law firm with a great reputation in South Florida.  John Morgan has expanded the law firm well beyond Florida and it is the largest plaintiff law firm in the country.  The law firm processes thousands of injury cases every month and employees hundreds of attorneys.  

Since they work on a high volume of cases, the attorneys at Morgan are fully prepared to take on any legal challenge.  From our research, the attorneys are highly professional and look out for the best interests of their clients.  

If you are involved in a small accident with low impact and minimal damage.  They can help you maximize your claim and get your car or truck repaired. In addition, they are prepared to take on a large case because of the size and experience of the firm.  

An examination of Morgan’s Facebook page shows great reviews from hundreds of clients.  One reviewer indicated, “I had been listening to the Morgan & Morgan ads on the radio. I thought John Morgan had a very sincere voice. I thought that he possessed a genuine concern for the plight of the little man; that he provided a voice for the politically and financially powerless.

That is just one example of the great reviews John Morgan’s firm has received.  And in our view public reviews are the best way to evaluate law firms and other legal services providers.  

Over 2,300 people have recommended the legal services of John’s law firm and that is a tremendous endorsement that very few other personal injury attorneys can match.

When choosing a personal injury firm to take on a large insurance company, it’s important to choose one that has the resources to effectively handle your case from start to finish.  If the accident is significant then you need an attorney with trial experience.  Insurance companies know which attorneys are willing to take a case to trial and often settle the case prior to trial as a result.  However, if litigation is the only option, then it’s important to have a firm not only with experienced lawyers but also with large resources.  

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